What the RUCK?!

You may have heard us make reference to last year’s overnight ruck march event and wondered…”what the RUCK?!”

A ruck march is a just a hike with a weighted backpack, it can be as simple or as complicated as you want to make it. This video from the founder of GO RUCK sums it up nicely.


Some ruck events may include PT elements that require some exercises, some may include survival skills or tasks that must be completed as a team in order to move on to the next stage of the event.  


Last November, our ruck march started at MVMT on Picadilly St, the gym that hosted the first events of the day, and led us through 19 km through to city to finish at Hybrid Fitness on Hyde Park Road.  We took about 5 ½ hours to march through the city, making stops along the way. We first stopped at the Holy Roller, the tank in Victoria park where we did a navigation challenge, next we held post at the cenotaph downtown, standing silently in the night with our flags.  The following challenge led us to Gibbons park where Bob led some tourniquet and survival education- we also played an intense game of capture the flag. That was super fun at 2am- the city parks look really different at that hour of the day. Next we did a “buddy carry” for the last portion of the march, from Gibbons Park all the way to Hybrid.  It was the first time many of us had ever done anything like this, walking all night as a group, performing challenges as a team and discovering the strengths and weaknesses of each member. It was an incredible team building opportunity and I know we all had a great time and all of us came out in piece!

As one of our monthly hero events we are planning a 3 loop ruck in June (during the daylight!) Come on out and test drive it and see what a ruck is all about.  Each loop will be an easy 3.3-.5 miles (roughly 10 miles/16km total) miles and will start and finish at MVMT. You can participate in any or all of the loops and join us for a BBQ at the end- all proceeds will go towards start up capital for this year's event.


When: June 9th 12pm-4pm RAIN OR SHINE!!  Dress accordingly!! (We'll have the BBQ going with burgers for you to purchase when we get back to MVMT) 

Where: MVMT Strength 206 Picadilly St. London, ON

What to bring? Water, sunscreen, backpack with gear and a weight of your choice, change of clothes (including socks), snack if necessary, cash for burgers and cab fare -just in case. 

**A donation to the 24 Hours of Heroes start up fund is greatly appreciated. 


Cheri Doan