24 Hours of Heroes Job Descriptions

Thank you so much for your interest in volunteering to help us with our event.  We wouldn’t get it off the ground without the help of generous people like you.

To make things easier for everyone, we’ve created a list of jobs and their descriptions so everyone knows exactly what to do.  Sign up for the job that interests you the most. Sign up to stay before or after your “shift” to do a workout.

Check in

-Use the Event Brite sheet provided to check workout participants into the gym.

-If they’re not on the sheet ask them to check in with their email address (Add to the event Brite sheet) and ask them to put their donation in the cash jar.

Media:(a little tech savvy is a plus)

-Post two photos per workout (group shoot and action shot, can be a multi photo post) from the Heroes Instagram account with the device provided.  

-Tag location of event

-Tag @woundedwarriorsofcanada @national.service.dogs

-Tag participants whenever possible

-Use the following hastags for each post:

#ptsd #awareness #veterans #firstresponders #woundedwarriors #honourthefallen #supporttheliving #remembranceday #heroes #crossfit #community #inthistogether

-Share on Facebook

-Manage Google Hangout with other participating gyms

Photography: (no experience necessary)

-Take action photos throughout the event with the camera provided

-Take photos of special events, ex. CCH choir, NSD dogs and their handlers, Groups, Volunteers, prize table etc.

Raffle ticket sales

-Be 15 minutes early for workout to ask participants to buy raffle tickets.

-Tear ticket in half, ensure that participants clearly write their name and phone number on the half of the ticket that goes in the bag

-We make A LOT of money at the raffle table… ask everyone to buy tickets but don’t be pushy

MC (energetic and comfortable public speaking)

-Use the Mic and Amp to make announcements at the beginning of each workout, a script will be provided, be fast 1:00-2:00 tops

-Important: Each workout is honouring a fallen service man/woman take the time to read their bio

-Introduce the coach for the workout

-Mention workout sponsor if applicable

-Introduce special participants, we may have special units present for the workout- You’ll be given the heads up ahead of time

-Remind attendees to buy raffle tickets