The Team


We are a group of people dedicated to raising awareness surrounding PTSD in the Veteran and First Responder communities.  


Gord Hicks

Is a Canadian Forces Veteran, father, husband, fitness fanatic, and small business owner.  

As a member of the First Battalion Royal Canadian Regiment, he was proud to serve overseas during Desert Storm, Saudi Arabia 1991 and Operation Harmony, Croatia 1993/94.

For Gord, experiencing the loss of friends and colleagues to military conflict and PTSD, wishing to make a difference in the community, and commemorating Remembrance Day in a personal and physical manner, were the motivating factors behind the very First 24 Hours of Heroes in 2016.  

He is thrilled with the growth of the 24 Hours of Heroes event and the continued partnerships with National Service Dogs, Wounded Warriors Canada and #Ivegotyourback911.


Cheri Doan

Is a mother of three girls and an active leader in the London CrossFit community.  She has a passion for fitness as well as helping organize events that benefit those in need of a helping hand. Her role in the 24 Hours of Heroes team has grown from participant, sponsorship organizer to now leading the charge on managing our army of volunteers, building our website and co-ordinating with Wounded Warriors of Canada and National Service Dogs to make 2018 better than ever.


Bob Van Houwelingen

Is a Father, Husband and Critical Care flight paramedic with Ornge Air ambulance for 16 years, firefighter for 11 years, Tactical paramedic for 7.  The calls he responds to on a daily basis reflect the worst of the worst, he is acutely aware of the effects of PTSD. 

Bob comes from a long line of Service men and women.  Both Bob's mother and father were RNs and his father served in the Canadian Military. His grandparents on his father's side actively resisted the German armies in Holland giving him a great appreciation for the Canadians who were there to aid.  Bob's maternal grandfather also served with the Canadian military. These mentors showed Bob the value of being a part of something bigger than yourself and gave him the inspiration to lead a life of service to others. 

Bob meets people on the worst day of their lives and he has the responsibility to handle their emergency with dignity and respect, making decisions with little room for error.  Bob has had friends and colleagues succumb to the emotional toll that this line of work can take.  He considers it an honour and a privilege to do the work that we does and 24 Hours of Heroes is his way of reaching a hand and raising awareness about PTSD.